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IN+OUT Association members provide outdoor, transit and indoor advertising, including creative development of products and its placement on sites and constructions.

How to join:
Companies willing to become a member of the Association must provide the following documents to the Association Executive Director:

- The application for the Association membership should be submitted in the name of the Association President, drawn on the company’s letterhead signed by its Head having the right to act on behalf of this company without power of attorney, certified by the company seal and accompanied by a document evidencing the decision of the company’s authorized body on joining the Association;

- Constituent documents copies of: Articles of Association, Certificate of the state registration, Certificate of registration with the tax authority;

- Reference containing main information about the organization. The list of information will be approved by the Association Council.

The Council considers each application and takes a preliminary decision whether to admit the applicant-company into the Association Membership. A preliminary decision on the admission into the Association will be recorded in the minutes.

The Association President introduces the applicant at an upcoming (upon the date of submission) Association general meeting. The decision on admission into the Association will be made at the general meeting.

The Association members after joining retain their legal and economic independence and have the same rights as before joining the Association.

The Association members participate in association activities through its authorized representatives.

A list of Association members is updated every month. To become a member is fill out the form to the right. To leave the application and make membership fee: