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Association of Communication Agencies of Russia ( ACAR , before 2004 - Rara ) - the leading and largest professional association of market participants in Russia of commercial communications. ACAR WAS founded in 1993 . The main objectives of the Association is to protect the interests of the advertising community , the creation of the conditions for civilized advertising market in Russia and other. ACAR is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the European Association of Communication Agencies ( EACA ) .

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Russia - a non-profit partnership to promote the development of interactive advertising . IAB Russia is part of the international network of associations IAB is headquartered in New York ( USA) . IAB - the world's largest association of companies online advertising market , successfully acting in about 41 countries on 5 continents . As market expert IAB Russia aims to support the growth and development of the online advertising market of the Russian Federation.

The National Association of promotional products ( NAPP ) - a professional association of manufacturers and suppliers of souvenirs to promote the industry and the formation of positive attitudes towards advertising and souvenir products as an effective tool of marketing communication . Established in 2014, NAPP unites more than 30 national companies operating in the market of promotional products . Нарси.рф

Russian Association of Marketing Services (RAMS) - Russia's largest non-profit organization that brings together agency specializing in marketing services. Founded in 2001, RAMS is an official representative of the international competition MAA Globes Awards, held by the World Association of Marketing Agencies (MAAW); and the founder of the most significant competition in the area of marketing services of Russia "Silver Mercury". More than 100 Moscow and regional agencies are currently members of the Association. The main objective is to promote the RAMS and the formation of a positive image of the industry of marketing services.

Art Directors Club Russia (ADCR) - a non-profit association of representatives of the creative professions in the advertising industry . The first Art Directors Club was appeared in New York in 1920 . Since 1921 , the club annually presents the award for excellence in advertising and design - ADC Awards. More than 20 European clubs are united in an association which was created in 1990 and declared as the ADC Europe. In 2004, it was created by ADC Russia, which joined the European league clubs. The priority task of the club - the union of the best creative resources and the development of the creative Russian business.